The European Health Property Network (EuHPN) advocates for enhanced standards and more impactful investments in European health properties. EuHPN workshops explore practical issues such as sustainable green design for health buildings, incremental versus ‘big bang’ planning, design for mental health facilities and dementia care, the effects of new technologies on health care building design, tools for strategic asset planning, and how best to balance private and public capital financing. Welcoming members and health estates professionals, EuHPN provides a platform for those engaged in strategic planning, design, construction, and financing within diverse healthcare facilities.


Saint-Gobain Ecophon specializes in the development, manufacturing, and promotion of acoustic products and systems designed to enhance well-being and performance in working environments. Their guiding principle, “A sound effect on people,” underscores SGE commitment to quality. Operating in 20 countries with delegations in 30 more, and boasting around 1100 employees, SGE headquarters are situated in Hyllinge, near Helsingborg, Sweden. Ecophon is part of the worldwide Saint-Gobain Group.


With over 80 years’ experience in the healthcare sector, Gerflor has become a true expert in this field, creating, manufacturing, and marketing innovative, decorative and environmentally responsible flooring and related solutions.

With the combination of proven solutions for flooring, wall, corner, and door protection, handrails and wall covering. Gerflor provides seamless surface protection and a holistic approach to your requirements for: Hospitals and Clinics, Retirement & Nursing homes, and Disabled and mental health centers.



The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies, established in 1899, is a national co-operative body for learned societies in Finland. It contributes to the co-operation between learned societies, supports and develops scholarly communication and publishing, and promotes awareness and usage of research results. It also supports and develops the role of its members in science policy discussion.

The Federation has a membership of 294 societies and four academies from all branches of arts and sciences, in total 260,000 individual members. Every year these learned societies arrange hundreds of meetings and conferences, attended by the academic community and the general public.


City of Espoo is part of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. It is the second largest and the fastest growing city of Finland. It has excellent transportation links: Helsinki Airport is just a half an hour drive away and the metro connects Espoo to Helsinki city centre. 

Espoo is the largest high-tech and innovation hub in the Nordics where science, business, and culture meet the wilderness and  stunning seaside environments. The city’s innovative spirit, Aalto University, technology hub Otaniemi, and international companies receive continuous worldwide interest. Espoo is also a major conference city: it hosts an average of 70 international scientific conferences every year.


The Signe and Ane Gyllenberg Foundation, established in 1949, is dedicated to advancing medically related scientific research. With a focus on the profound impact of psychological factors on the body and blood research, the Foundation embodies Ane Gyllenberg’s (1891-1977) vision. Driven by a deep interest in the spiritual dimensions of human life and their effects on the physical realm, Ane Gyllenberg directed a substantial portion of his wealth to support research exploring the connection between emotional and spiritual well-being and physical health, as well as addressing blood diseases. The Foundation also oversees the care and exhibition of the Gyllenbergs’ remarkable art collection in their former home and connected gallery.


We welcome healthcare leaders’ participation at the ARCH24 conference. Sponsorship packages are tailored to accommodate different levels of participation at the conference.

Kindly request the sponsorship brochure by email from: laura.arpiainen@aalto.fi